About the PDF

The Press Distribution Review Panel (PDRP) is a self-regulatory body made up of newspaper, magazine, wholesale and retail representatives responsible for overseeing the handling of retailer complaints.

The Approach

A central objective of the PDF and the associated Press Distribution Charter (PDC) is to improve the efficiency and consistency of what is recognised as a ‘special’ supply chain.

The PDF acknowledges that whilst the supply chain has many excellent characteristics, it also has high levels of inter-dependence and consolidation.

The PDF has developed a suite of transparent performance measures which:

  • Provide a simple and comprehensive measure of performance across the supply chain
  • Highlight areas of under performance by individual participants or more general ‘pinch points’ that can be investigated / reviewed as needed.
  • Act as an ‘early warning’ for developing issues and concerns.
  • Give assurance that agreed standards are being met and processes adhered to

The Objectives

To bring together, on a voluntary self-regulatory basis, key stakeholders of the Press Supply Chain in a Forum that focuses on:

  • Serving consumers in the most efficient manner to ensure the widespread availability of newspapers and magazines.
  • The high-level issues facing the sector to best ensure its ability to continue to provide the required level of service to all stakeholders in the supply chain in the most efficient manner..
  • Current and future service performance including monitoring and complaints resolution.
  • Environmental issues, changes in legislation and developments in technology.
  • Measures aimed at improving the total supply chain efficiency of newspaper and magazine distribution in the United Kingdom.